The Invisible Pain

Promote Gastroparesis Awareness

         Take the time to spread the word about this horrible condition... direct people to this site or the sites on the Information Links page... write a letter to the editor... make a t-shirt... print out the page for Friends and Families and pass them around... call your congressman's office and ask what he is doing to fund research into this condition.

     Become an advocate and make your message heard!

Wear a ribbon and when people ask you what the ribbon is for, tell them about Gastroparesis and the impact it has on every day life. 

Tell them about how 5 million Americans have it yet no one ever hears about it.

To make a ribbon you will need to get two lengths, one of teal blue (representing healing and hope) and one of mauve (representing our stomachs and calming) and layer them before pinning so that when it is curled one side will be teal and the other mauve.

Why is it so important to Advocate for Awareness?

     All you really have to do is look at the numbers and see what Awareness Campaigns have done for other conditions...

        - 1 in every 550 Americans have Crohns Disease

        -1 in every 500 Americans have Cerebral Palsy

        -1 in every 185 Americans have Lupus

        -1 in every 150 Americans have Autism

     When you consider that these conditions are more rare than Gastroparesis in the American population (1 in every 25 Americans estimated to be affected) yet most people have never heard of the condition because the Awareness is just not out there.  Many of those estimated to be affected are Undiagnosed because their Doctors do not understand that Gastroparesis is not a rare consition or do not know enough about Gastroparesis to diagnose it or even recognise it!

-----Gastroparesis----- The Invisible Pain

Created October 7, 2009

The condition may be invisible, but you don't have to be.

Advocate for better research

Spread the word to family and Doctors.

Remember-- You have Gastroparesis but it does not have YOU!

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