The Invisible Pain

Medical Information Links

The Mayo Clinic information pages about Gastroparesis.

The National Institute of Health information pages about Gastroparesis.

The article on Gastroparesis.

A link to's list of Doctors that treat Gastroparesis.

The Tardive Dyskinesia Center's webiste detailing how the development of tardive dyskinesia has often occurred in patients who have been treated for digestive and gastrointestinal disorders with medications such as metoclopramide (Deglan®, Maxolon® or Reglan®) and offering support and information about what you can do.


-----Gastroparesis----- The Invisible Pain

Created October 7, 2009

The condition may be invisible, but you don't have to be.

Advocate for better research

Spread the word to family and Doctors.

Remember-- You have Gastroparesis but it does not have YOU!

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